Anisa – The Official New Soulful RnB Talent Of This Week

From France to The UK, let’s stop right at London, vibrating place thriving of live artists

On stage, pledging people to get them high and higher, in the pleasure of a funky good time.

That’s what happened this past Thursday, July 3rd, in that so-called bar Floripa London, organizing one of its famous open-mic night, jam session (‘Jam Tart Session’).

Among all those precious artists performing one after another, this following precious stone, Anisa,

Did let bright her voice; brilliant was it!

RnB is blowing one’s blues, in any shape or form, upon a rhythm.

Soul is blowing one’s mind with the current melody of one’s own soul.

Soulful RnB is  a one of a kind powerful and beautiful combination.

Anisa: this is a vibe consisting in singing with a strong but sweet voice, so light, it seems fragile

Vibrating to the emotions and the images you can visualize when listening to the lyrics.

Anisa: this is also a vibe consisting in the black and the white keys that swing marrying the piano to the voice with harmony.

This young Iranian and French singer, living in the UK, got famous little by little, by posting covers on Youtube.

She quickly made a big impression to her fan base, getting on the biggest voices of the RnB and soul world, and owning it, making the reinterpretation of the song definitely hers.

She owns : auntie Lauryn Hill, sweetie Alicia Keys, and even Queen Bey! You can notice Bey’s influence in her voice sometimes by the way (in her song ‘New Song’ for example).

Talking about great voices, she even co-wrote a song called ‘Piano‘ for the good-looking Ariana Grande, great young singer, great enough for having performed in the White House in front of Mr and Mrs Obama (Women of Soul).

Anisa’s voice describes her ‘Music‘, through an intimate songwriting going from her soul; her heartbeats you could feel… enough stuff to represent her personality. #Soulful

She moves on the ‘Dominoes‘ of her piano, until she wraps this all up with a Whitney Houston’s cover song in her first EP.

What is the most admirable is the hard work she put in, her ambition and her consistency, sticking to the school despite her singer’s obligations, having to travel between France and England. She did resist to the temptation to drop out, and she made it.

Yes, she made it to support the voice performer James Arthur, in London,  at the Indigo2, O2 Arena, this Friday July 11th.

Isn’t it big?! Sure you don’t want to miss such a miss and a show.

Tickets are still available: here 

What more can I say  to prove you how worth it is? Even the prestigious Brian McKnight, who took time to listen to her music, is definitely one of her best fans.

brian mcknight

Anisa will offer you more from her on stage with her second EP (Music EP Unplugged)

All you want shall be: Anisa.

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