A Funk-Fuelled Tune for Fox Jackson debut single “Behind Closed Doors”.

“Behind closed doors away from your eyes.

Won’t ask you twice, I won’t be too nice.

Don’t take too long or I’ll soon be gone.”

Fox Jackson, Behind Closed Doors

Fresh out of London, Fox Jackson has a funky delivery for you with his debut single Behind Closed Doors.

Already known for his lead role in the British musical Billy Elliot, Fox Jackson started his career in the entertainment at the age of 11 and gathered lots of experiences before diving fully in his true calling, music.

He is now crafting his own sound with a passion for funk and disco, taking us back to the ’80s, golden age of groove. His first track, produced by Nick Burns clearly shows those influences:

“We both have a love for Nile Rodgers and Pharell Williams and what they brought to pop music by using jazz chords and melodies in pop songs. It’s what I have always gravitated to and as I quickly found out, so has Nick.”

Fox Jackson

To match the atmosphere of Behind Closed Doors put on your flashiest dancing shoes and get ready for a boogie because the track is halfway between Vulfpeck’s funk and Nile Rodger’s disco.

A groovy bass line gives a hypnotizing structure to the song, with lots of stops before the beat and the main riff starts again. A high-pitched rhythm guitar drives the instrumental while the lead one repeats a couple of funky notes in the background.

A bridge in the middle of the song adds some wa-wah guitar layers for a psychedelic style solo.

Fox Jackson’s voice is effortless, soft, and his tone could easily remind us of Tom Misch or Jamiroquai. That laid-back kind of vocals brings an interesting contrast to the intense funky instrumental, mixing it with some pop sounds. 

The song is painting a bittersweet relationship where one is pushed away by the other.

The music video uses vintage neon lights and old-school film grain to show Fox Jackson longing for his girlfriend. We can feel melancholy in the lyrics but also in the attitude of the singer who keeps asking to his loved one to open up a little bit.

The video ends with Fox Jackson dropping by his lover’s place, knocking on the door but leaving before she comes to open, showing how hard it can be to make a step toward the other sometimes. 

All the funk fans should definitely open their door to Fox Jackson though. As a debut single, Behind Closed Doors is a nice demonstration of his talent so keep an eye on the guy.

Julien Portenguen

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