Nohone’s Lo-Fi Music Is An Experience Out Of Time And Space

Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.

Robert G. Ingersoll.

This quote match the instrumental experience that offers Nohone’s music. The French beatmaker, originally from Lyon but now based in Limoges, is taking us on a peaceful journey and gives a soundtrack to our quiet times. He released his first EP Hivernal Thoughts in 2019.

The Spotify channel Chilled Cow (a reference for lo-fi and sleephop lovers) selected his track Breath in one of their playlist giving a bigger exposure to the multi-instrumentalist. With now two songs counting over 3 million streams, Nohone is getting a name in the lo-fi scene and released a new single last summer called Borealis.

Lo-fi is a type of non-lyrical music that evokes positive emotions, but sometimes nostalgia. Listening to Nohone’s songs, we get to enter a singular world made of his best influences.

Borealis is blending classical music and jazz fusion with its smooth piano samples and vibrant synth layers. The rhythm section is slow, mixing a hip-hop beat to crackling drums.

A Japanese stringed instrument is softly adding some notes to the melody, starting a melancholic conversation with piano solos. No wonder why the cover of the single pictures a man floating in a waterhole surrounded by lush vegetation.

Everything about the instrumental gives a feeling of slow motion and weightlessness, just like a relaxing underwater experience where time and sounds seem slower. 

For a deeper dive in Nohone’s musical world, have a listen to the EP Hivernal Thoughts. The album is an invitation to an inner journey.

Every song title is so perfectly chosen that put together they form a poem that represents the emotions and feelings we experience listening to the album: 

Sitting On The Moon, Thinking 

Of An Endless Falling

Through Space & Time

Time Stop

Falling Out Of Consciousness

Where Am I?

In My World

Different Vision, Different Time

Nohone, EP Hivernal Thoughts

The album track list becomes poetry and so does the music as we go through the songs. Nohone’s production is helping us to focus on our thoughts, giving us a break from the actual world for a while. You can definitely take shelter in that kind of musical experience: get away from the crowd, listen to Borealis in a quiet place, close your eyes and see what happens.


Julien Portenguen

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