Electrophazz Engage People In A New Music Experience With “Hello To Your Lover”

Lyon-based Neo-Soul band Electrophazz, released a brand new single, about a week ago, titled Hello To Your Lover, featuring Paris-based vocalist Mickaelle Leslie, and London-based lyricist Eneeks.

This new tune follows up their debut single, Desert Flower, previously presented.

Their songwriting is thought with a will to provide the greatest vibes for you to feel good and carefree. Youthful and light lyrics by the singer, blended with uplifting words from the rapper, bring a nameless delight.

The groove of the instrumentation suggests a mood to cool out and just listen, while you see people in the video throwing up the smoothest dance moves, right at the clear blue sky. As Childish Gambino would say, this “feels like summer“.

electrophazz sounds so beautiful

Hello To Your Lover stands, to this day, as their most ambitious track and video. It highlights at its best the new vocal leads that feature on the band’s new music. What is more, the tune ends up with a proper Phazz experience, and allow us to witness the evolution of their sound signature.

The video perfectly showcases the experience of their music. Sharings and cheerings, that’s all what it’s about. Though this single seems quite accessible for the mass, with pop drums, and a very modern R&B touch, you can feel the research in the sound design.

David Marion, founder and composer in the band, is nothing short of amazing when it comes to voicings sound design on the keyboards. Inspired by the likes of Erykah Badu, RC & The Gritz and Robert Glasper, Electrophazz is cultivating its very own identity.

After a first tour in India, Electrophazz is ready to take over the world and travel again.

Teaming up with South London based rapper Eneeks, the French band looks like it could takeoff and shine in the UK like they did at the venue of The Humming Tree, Bangalore India


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