FoCus Lyrics Review – Kendrick Lamar’s Cartoon and Cereal

I just had to get down on this track and to break down what I thought was to break down.

The instrumental of this track, Cartoons & Cereal, make you dive into one dark and almost scary atmosphere.

This atmosphere gives an impression of a kind of mental psychosis, with those fake electronic voices evocating the state of mind of a baby child, still evolving in an undevelopped context.

This dark atmosphere, where we see the child grow, under bad influence of his father, or friends… cartoons (as if life was a game, as if it was like one of these cartoons), could refer, in a way, to that line in Poetic Justice: “If I told you that a flower bloom in a dark room, would you trust it?”

Flower, being a metaphore for the child and growing up, fed by an unbalanced upbringing and locked in the darkness of the bad influences that keep him ignorant.

Repetitions of  words in the chorus, by the way, may translate pieces of the puzzle of the memories…

Instrumental pauses are there as a transition between the chorus and the verse, as a way to travel from the childhood memories, to the adult, rapping his pain in the studio.

Wile E Coyote, always on the run after Road Runner, to lit him up, and eat him… Gunplay seems to identify himself to Wile E Coyote, speaking like this sad clown, talking bitter to his audience:

 « Hear my tears all in tunes ( or toons) Just for you, muhfuckers hope y’all amused ».

This  shit make a nigga just wanna write 

Perhaps another parallelism could be found with Poetic Justice: to make justice and express one’s hatred and pain through one’s pen: “There’s blood in my pen”

All of this makes more and more think that Poetic Justice wasn’t just a song for tender love and care, but was deeply more than this (This metaphore was powerful”)


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