Kendrick Lamar – Alright: 10 Symbols Of Positivity & Hope

Kendrick Lamar – Alright: 10 Symbols Of Positivity & Hope

« I’m all these kids » Kendrick Lamar

The black and white visual represents perfectly the dark, dazed and confused world that inhabits the mind of the young rapper, Kendrick Lamar. If this album is the place where he expresses his flaws before accepting his inner beauty, this is also the place for his  environment society to face reality; shining lights in a broken glass.

Alright, is the song where Kendrick represents all these kids and really wants to give them hope, faith and positivity, from Compton to all over the world.

This Alright video sums up all the dark messages throughout the album, from the gloomy sound of How Much A Dollar Cost, to the scream of despair from U, the fights against discrimination, and even the bad influences of a toxic environment that leads to being Institutionalized. Also, the wrong ways that Youth follows and runs to (« And I Run It » – Cartoons & Cereals), dicted by  gangs and street rules that (Hood Politics). In spite of such a hellish picture, Kendrick still manages to draw hope and faith out of it all:

« But if God got us, then we gon’ be alright. »

From Hip Hop, to jazzy psychedelic music, through faith in God, the message (whether Fox agrees or not) is Peace and Positivity. The visual counts numerous symbols for this message:

1. Kendrick Standing For The Kids 

1kiddown2kiddown allsmy

2. Messenger of true Hip-Hop (reference to Busta Rhymes – Everything Remains Raw)

As he raps for his « dead homies » and people in jail, and, bust a raw freestyle, bumping and having fun in his car

(Park that car and we start rhyming yeah bish / The only thing we had to free our mind – Money Tree)

kendrick ref busta raw

3 The End of Police’s Injustice and Domination Over Blacks

cops kendrick

4. This Is Black Super Hero Music

For Kendrick Lamar, the ideal superhero would be the one that save people through music.

And he stands for that super hero. Besides if you notice, he’d be the first Black superhero in the USA as those in Marvel and DC comics do not count any one, in the originals.

black super hero music

.He goes on, carrying the culture, representing unapogetically the essence of Hip Hop cutlure and the Zulu Nation.

He doesn’t even fly, but gets carried away by all these symbols of positivism.

kencdirkc culture

5. « And Reality Is, Sometimes Through These Ups And Downs […] Keep On Steppin' »

up and down

6. N.E.G.U.S. = King, Royalty

king royalty

7. War Against Discrimination

This woman you see, is Miriam Rivera: and she was a man. Her story.

miriam rivera

8. Confessions: « My Rights, My Wrongs, I Write, Till I’m Right With God »

And Please « Don’t Kill My Vibe »


9. Unity And Love For The Community

(We don’t  want to feel again the same pain and hatred as in The Blacker The Berry)

unity and love


They might kill us but like once Kendrick rhymed: you’ll « Never Catch Me »

or like the slaves in Egypt; they can  hurt your body but never can catch your soul.


alright kendrick

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