APHROSE – Songwriting Heals Your Feels

She heard “communication saves relations” she can tell,

But no one’s here to hear her say, nor to try and right what has gone wrong, 

So stuck in the thick of the mess, puzzled and all helpless,

Here she stands, lonely, in The Middle of her broken feelings,

Finding a relief in writing the heaviest words that used to weigh on her mind, in her heart.

APHROSE, Toronto-based singer-songwriter, has released her debut single, The Middle, off of her forthcoming debut six-track EP, expected for this fall.

The tune gets you back to a somewhat 90’s , almost early 2000’s, type of R&B vibe, fused with an ongoing Neo-Soul beat.

Aphrose sings such in a soulful and heartfelt way, she reminds you of Jazmine Sullivan’s flow and vocal skills when it comes to emotional breakdown (Forever Don’t Last, Silver Lining).

Though The Middle is a piece charged with a heavy weight of dramatic emotion, the back vocals as well as the lead vocals suggest a blast of these emotions and a relief for the singer.

She’s speaking her mind, and you can feel she couldn’t keep it to herself any longer.

The story behind is real and so deep, this quite captures the traumatic impacts of a long term relationship. As Aphrose explains:

The Middle is all about feeling stuck and frustrated in a long term relationship, where each party starts to take advantage of each other emotionally and further drift apart in the process.

At the time, I was felt like I was pulling a lot of the weight emotionally and financially in my relationship with my partner, and we were going through a really hard time together mired by family tragedy and economic instability.

I felt drained all the time and we were constantly getting into fights because we weren’t trying to really see each other and empathize. I

felt like he was drifting emotionally and I needed him to figuratively “meet me halfway, in the middle” so that we could start to heal”.

The Middle is another perfect example of a songwriter unveiling her personal stories, laying her heart bare, yet feeling freed and better then. Songwriting is therapeutic.

It gives you that same sensation when you lett these tears drop and dry, to evacuate the pain and happy again.

With a bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Voice from Humber College, Aphrose has spent the early stages of her career performing professionally as a backup and session singer for many established Canadian acts until she began to feel like there was something missing from her artistry.

After taking a 6 year hiatus to refocus her energy on self discovery, Aphrose is now ready to reveal to her fans a side never before seen with songs that fully capture her fierce essence.

Marcus Gon

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