Tess Henley: Charismatic and Honest Soul Singer

The so anticipated release of her EP ‘Wonderland’ is on 10.02.2015.

The single Wonderland is a great record, as it translates all the feelings, all the emotions, all the nostalgia, all the melancholia…

Daydreaming under a sky colored by the blacks and whites of the piano and keyboard, helped by the bass and the guitars,

Tess Henley takes you to the road of the land where everything is possible,

Where perfect love feels real and good, and where happiness is common state of mind… Wonderland.

Ups and downs of the melodies, following the feelings of a self-expressing soul

Sweetness of  the breath of the lead vocals whose softness is turning strong; strength of that crying soul,

Strength whose mightiness is emphasized by the winds of back vocals.

Tess Henley, the kind of soul singer/songwriter whose every single notes gets you to Cloud 9,

Tess Henley, the kind of soul singer/songwriter whose vocals put a spell on you, speaking right to your own soul and feelings,

Tess Henley, the kind of soul singer/songwriter who’s not only incredibly blessed and gifted, but has also that dedicated work ethic.

An independent Soul into an independent woman, her personality and the classy added to her music and performances are highly inspirational.

All these words are not describing some flawless diva, but actually reflect an authentic and honest person who stay “positively” herself

Affirming as strongly and with liveliness as ever her individuality.

Besides, just like other artists such as Kendrick Lamar and his single “I {Love Myself}”,

She inspires people to remain joyful with what they have and who they are with her lively track “Positively Me” extracted from her highly anticipated EP “Wonderland”.

Her talent and work led her to the national show of Jimmy Kimmel, which is a great achievement.

The performance was perfect, the band (including the awarded musician Khari Mateen, on the bass)

Playing in all harmony around Tess put in highlight, like a bright soul enlightening everything and everyone around:

Her talent is best illustrated by her Suzuki training for piano at age three & by dissecting harmonies at five years old that even her mother – a singer by trade – found difficult.

This Guitar Center Singer/Songwriter Contest winner, has really looking-good prospects to expect with this upcoming EP

Recorded at Hollywood’s Henson Studios, and including musicians such as James Gadson on drums, James “Hutch” Hutchinson on bass

Mark Goldenberg on guitar, Michito Sanchez on percussion, Mike Finnigan on organ, and string arranger Davide Rossi.

You can download her EP right here


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