Kimm Rogers – The Record Of A Whole Lifetime

Kimm Rogers, a songwriter daydreaming to the melody of her guitar

Who’s been sitting and waiting in front of “an ocean full of promise” in Los Angeles,

Has eventually made it to the Promise Land with a timeless record.

This milestone is actually one significant step ahead in Kimm Rogers‘ career, and this milestone is: ‘Where The Pavement Grows”.

After two releases in the 90’s the authentic singer/songwriter, born in Cleveland, grown in LA, is back on tracks, like a train, right on time.

If this album, available from June 16th, 2015, starts off with a song as cold as a ‘Rain‘, that same rain that rhymes with ‘pain’

Reminiscing a dazed past, comparable to a “Storm cloud that hangs over the sea of our hearts”.

Romantic poetry, melancholic lyrics, stunning play of words upon a pleasant play of guitar inviting to another ballad

This song deals with passionate kisses drip-dropping an endless love reigning during a rainy  Fall-time.

Then Kimm suddenly takes us way back to one warmer place

Blazed by the blessed and timeless memories of the fierce of a Twenty-Three year old young woman;

This track is one of the most rocky and catchy of the album, pure moment of delight, as the souvenir of a naive youth is always enjoyable.

Then comes ‘Gravity‘ marked with the heaviness of her heart: this is what you call heartfelt lyrics.

Songs like ‘Change‘ make you appreciate the global storytelling you could read just following the track list of the album

Plus this song does sound catchy and ongoing all along the song, with a sound of optimistic uncertainty

Making you stumble to the expected earthquakes under the pavements you can feel with the beats of the drums kicking along the bass notes.

As Kimm confides in her bio is her lifetime achievement:”this is the record i have waited all my life to make”.

If there were two tracks to confirm this, they’d be ‘Eventually‘, one dynamic songwriting in harmony with an epic electric guitar

Which communicates an actual self-achievement (in love? in music? in life?).

The other one’d be, obviously, ‘Where The Pavement Grows‘, one low and calm song, made to let it go of the secrets feeling in our secret garden

To conclude, Kimm Rogers, for those who didn’t kno her, is a surprising and one-of-kind discovery,

With a quite enjoyable rocky, folkie and acoustic trackilst, all as overwhelming with a really distinctive voice and catchy as one another.

Pre-order the album here

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