Major Minus – No More Youngster, Much More Mature

Like a tiny naive seed becoming a big thick and wise tree,

Like a black caterpillar evolving into a colorful butterfly

Major Minus is that teenage band that has reached an outstanding level of maturity in their music.

The four-member collective indie-rock from Pasadena, California already has its loyal fanbase which can expect big things from this band.

Drum-kicking powerful Rock vibes from Lukas Hutzler (16 years old), breaking down emotional and ironic vibes through 17 year-old singer-songwriter Charlie Smith

Diving into the indie-pop harmony of the piano keys, floating around the electric waves of the lead guitarist Erwin Mendez (16 years old)

And feeling the depth of the songwriting with the overwhelming bass notes from the elder Noah Herndon (18 years old).

If like anybody else in their self-titled EP, Major Minus, they talk about young heartbreak, betrayal and first love, they do it really differently:

Once again the dexterity and maturity of their music is one great differentiating point among any other teenage bands.

Plus the poetry is even much more heatfelt for one-of-a-kind music experience.

What is more, they did appealed the greatest to collabore with: Grammy nominated producer Ghian Wright (Paul McCartney, Oasis, John Legend) who worked with the band on their debut EP.

By far, “SONGS” is the track that has made the difference. The hint of jazzy flavor in this song emphasized the overall bittersweet taste of such a poignant song.

Eventually there is “DUO”. Talking about this songs is describes as: “a driving drumbeat, heavy guitars and catchy vocals reminiscent of early Green Day.”


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