Logan Brill – Fresh Faired-Hair Americana Singer

Once again, another discovery invites your ears to travel without moving

In this American country,  where  the birds are not the only ones who live to sing:

Nashville, the city of those who sing to live is blowing the melodies in the air

Of a pretty young thing, glowing to be the next star in folk and country music.

This 23 year-old flower named Logan Brill invites her listeners to travel into a one-of-kind trip

Through intimate and emotional experiences taking life in a vivid story-telling.

Despite her cheerful kind and natural joy of life, she’s fond of melancholic harmonies in her song-writings.

Feelings that can’t be fixed as one’s absence is driving someone else to the arms of loneliness and,

Haunting memories, the illusive presence of the missing one gets you a loving heart

As empty as a ghost town.

This, is all you could imagine by listening to Logan’s song ‘No Such Thing As Ghosts’.

This beautiful interpretation of depressed feelings, feeding too many demons in one’s mind

Gets followed-up by a quite catchy  and bluesy song,

Expressing somehow the highest point of pain that is leading to bad habits to help forget,

Until another start you eventually get:

May it take a ‘Month of Bad Habits’.

The debut album, ‘Walking Wires’ carries on the way,

Making the listener walk the next step with the singer who finally feels that the pain is gone.

The emotional and intimate trip takes another direction.

Deep wounds but healed wounds, leaving for many moons one or two ‘Scars‘.

Until comes the day when ‘Nobody’s Crying’,

Despite an eternal nostalgia that’ll make you more and more want to ‘Rewind‘ onto the beginning of the story of this album.

Besides, inside an intimate and fragile facade, a rocky, electric, hot and blazing face is hidden

‘Ne’er do Wells’ sounds enough like the proof of this last statement.

Nashville has acknowledged the outstanding voice and songwriting talents of Logan Brill,

Who goes from success to success in The States is another must-see, must-listen and must-meet.

And, truth is: she definitely Sounds So Beautiful.


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