VicMonroe – The Illest Lyricists Are From Chicago

Here it is
Winners are now taking over
Sterile and stale season over

Tale of a new story, new Saga, more like a legacy
Walking from blurry daze to Glory Day’z
Lyricist reminisces the illest rhymes of his
Every step he made just felt like an Earth Quake
Overflowing self-confidence, like flourishing spring after wanders during the winter
Dark Flowers can bloom in a wonderful way
VicMonroe now booms like a Rap Monsta,
Unstoppable Soul like a Japanese Kaijù.

New discovery of an great MC and beatmaker from Chicago, Illinois, named VicMonroe.

Inspired by Japanese references, he tells relatable stories like a mangaka, rapping his own Saga, with self-confidence and authenticity.

On May 13th, he released his project titled “Soul of Kaiju“. In Japanese, Kaijù refers to a force of nature, unstoppable for human kind. The reccurrence of hyperbolic metaphors such as Monsta, Kaiju and Earth Quake, picture his search for self-confidence and point the restoration of his strenghts.

Along the project, you can appreciate VicMonore’s tastes for old-school hip-hop, boom-bap, with soulful harmonies. As far as beatmaking is concerned, you can notice his inspiration old Kanye West. The lyricist is also a big fan of Nas.

So many great lyricists are living in Chicago, from the legends such as Common, to the new generation such as Saba, chosen as the Chicagoan of the Year 2018, Noname and Chance The Rapper.

VicMonroe is among those talents yet to be discovered.



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