Mi’das: Trilogy Of A Soulful Storyteller

A guitar on his back, the Glow of the sun in his face and he started singing

Listeners shall recall his vocals: a mind-blowing voice breathing all his soul

A soul that did Grow along the way, mastering one’s music education and influences, getting better and Stronger,

His Name Was Mi’das, oh we heard him singing: telling us the story of his long journey: “Story So Far’ series

Story So Far’ series is a one-of-kind storytelling consisting in a trilogy of 3 different EP’s with 3 different themes; the only common point, Mi’das (a.k.a. Mike Davis).

Mi’das being one of these artists that love music that tells a story with soul and honesty reveals how did such a concept came accross his mind:

“The way it came about was that i was working on recording an Album last year and while making it i realised that i wasn’t 100% sure about what i statement i wanted to make across a whole album at that point.
I had a lot of songs together and quite a few sounds going on so i came up with this idea of having a series of three EPs each with their own theme.

It was also pretty clear to me at the time that the way people listen to music now is less in the form of a whole album a lot of the time and so releasing the songs in smaller chunks also made sense to me. 

I do think the ultimate artistic statement comes in the album format still though, hence why I’m working on one this year!”

A long process, a long journey, but the destination is the achievement that proves you’re getting Stronger.His first EP, Glow, was the revelation of who Mike Davis is: a soulful pop musician, who you can recognize with his hat and his guitar.

Gospel, Soul, Blues, Pop… London’s finest vibes resonate  in his voice.

If Grow is kind of the mastering of his music education and of his music inspirations,

Stronger, the highlight of the storytelling, is the masterpiece.Talking about the journey that did lead him to this masterpiece, Mike confides: “It’s been a long one thats for sure! The songs in this project have been years in the making, it was just deciding how best to put them out there. […]

That’s why my first two EP’s in the series are very much focused on capturing a live performance of the songs, that way i didn’t over-think each detail over and over, i just excepted that representation at that time.

For this most recent ‘Stronger’ EP though i did want to strive for the most honed and crafted work I’ve done to date, which is why it took a whole year from the first instrument being recorded to the final master.

Even if the temptations to add non organic instrumentation could be felt, for this album project, everything remained still organic, acoustic, warm, and raw, “based around live instruments as that’s been at my core as a songwriter and musician ever since i started.”

Now, another thing interesting from one songwriter to one another is the songwriting, lyrically and instrumentally: what is the process?

For Mi’das: “The first draft of the lyrics of this song go back 10 years unbelievably! I was a very different person I’m sure at that time but a lot of my thoughts and questions were based around existence and spirituality at that age, i was definitely searching for a path in life and that’s what the song is about. I don’t think thats ended for me yet so the song is definitely still relevant.

Finally, Mi’das did share the stage with the greatest such as Jessi J, Jamie Cullum and Labrinth, which was obviously a one-of-kind experience
Quite enriching for our solo artist. Besides, talking about Labrinth, Mi’das adds: “Labrinth is one of todays producers i respect the most and would always be open to working with!”

Now, on Friday the 8th of May is the launch of his 3rd EP Stronger  putting an end to this Story So Far, thus far.

Plus, while waiting for his upcoming events accros the summer, some festivals and a UK tour in October,

You can get yourself his EP right here

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