Jhene Aiko – Tribute


That’s what most people say when they wake up on a grumpy mood,

Moaning all along one Monday, morning to evening.
This time, ‘evening’ will rhyme with ‘good ending’

Thanks to a soulful remedy healing your greedy soul: Jhene Aiko.

Today she’ll be brought to you by Reload Sessions.

Reload Sessions, a Youtube entertaining channel broadcasts brand new talents,

Singing on cover of current popular hits, such as ‘Higher’ from Jhene Aiko, covered by Marie Dahlstrom;

This is the best to take it slow, take it easy, and relax in the core of the most melodious moving songs.

Talking about Jhene Aiko, today, Monday 7th of April, she’s just performed today in the YouTube studios London, as you can testify in the video.

The 26 years-old singer songwriter and young mommy,

Aspires to inspire her listeners by healing their soul,

Either by her voice and music,

Either by her messages full of philosophy,

Built by hard knocks life and other experiences, and by inviting you to ‘sailing your soul instead of selling it’…

What is more what she preaches is what she practices:

She launched her EPs ‘Sail Out’ and ‘Sailing Souls’ independently

In response of a record company telling her to “sell herself”;

Enjoying the fruit of her labor, as it’s still right, she deserves an unashamed fame, as work paid off.

Her second time performing in the UK will help wait for the release of her much anticipated debut album “Souled Out” coming soon.

Well, now with such a vibe and a universe, be your grumpy Monday mood turn to another freaking great mood to kick off the week before Friday come over.

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