Percival Elliott – Duo With Great Sensibility

Gaze as peaceful as the river bed

Hands fly in the air like birds above the water

Mood for rhymes over the rhythms of the flood

Two people could sail forever.

Percival Elliott are an indie-folk rock duo from the south coast of England, formed by Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier.

The visual for their single, Forever, unveils an astonishing level of poetry. The duo seems to be in full harmony with the nature.

The vision of the peaceful river, green landscape and big spaces, allow the mind to freely escape along the singalong. Such pictures give a great dimension to Percival Elliott songwriting, made for contemplation.

Forever highlights the great sensibility of the lead singer, supported by smooth back vocals and a blissful instrumentation.

Forever” illustrates the band’s desire to create music that makes the hairs on your neck stand up, “We want to make the listener feel aliveHite expresses.

The violin inspires such a feeling of lightness, it would make you feel like flying like a bird above the water.

The chords on the piano, as thoughtful as the lyrics, set up neo-nostalgic melodies and marks the signature style of the duo.

Besides, the story behind Percival Elliott is quite special, indeed. Titled in memory of Hite’s great grandfather, Percival Elliott, born in 1883 was an inventor who created one of the first ice-cream emporiums in Brighton.

After discovering a dusty box of trinkets in the back of Hite’s family attic, the untouched time capsule unveiled Percival Elliott’s mysterious inventions, engraved ice-cream paraphernalia, haunted photographs and time honoured war medals.

The revelation of these long-forgotten hidden treasures became embedded within the duo’s imagination and musical creativity and thus Percival Elliott was reborn.

Duo Percival Elliott’s successes to date include a national tour with numerous UK charting artists, as well as collaborating with the likes of Fatboy Slim.

Percival Elliott are now ready for the next chapter of their musical endeavour with the highly anticipated release of Save Your Soul due early 2018.

Marcus Gon

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