James Francis – All About Self-Appreciation

You’d be a fool to not take me as I am” –  H.E.R. – As I Am

James is back on track this summer with a new song that comes straight from the heart: Free To Be Me.

Released June 8th, this is his second single, recorded in London and produced by Chris Morris, who’s also Sharlene Monique‘s producer (and husband).

Chris Morris is not the only common point between Sharlene and James: both of these singers-songwriters are part of the Kingdom Choir which performed at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding.

Inspired by his experiences of singing with the Kingdom Choir at the Royal Wedding, James Francis writes a song that follows his first single, Want it All, nominated for a Jump Music Video Award.
Released one year later, this one makes a great follow-up. Both titles express a firm self-affirmation, and a thirst for self-appreciation.
Over a smooth and catchy hip hop drum beat, jazzy chords on the keyboard and uplifting vocal harmonies, James Francis sings and rejoice for his life and his dreams. Directed by award-winning director Tyler Chalk, the video was filmed on a quiet residential road in Primrose Hill, London. The bright colours and iconic Victorian architecture are both a reflection of James‘ quirky personality and his pride in being a born and bred Londoner.
As he hits the high note with ease, you can hear the smile in the voice of this Gospel and R&B vocalist. His rendition gives you an image of what it feels like to finally let go.
A sharp vocal technique that recall the likes of Jermaine Riley (from Dora Martin) and heartfelt emotion communicated with conviction allow this record to be this powerful and addictive.
Coming from personal experience, James Francis sings unapologetically, perfectly goodin his shoes.
The song’s powerful message of being comfortable in your own skin comes from James’ personal experience of being boxed in to limiting stereotypes.
With lyrics like ‘won’t sacrifice all my dreams to be who you want me to be’ Free to Be Me unashamedly celebrates individuality and confidence in your own identity – A theme the Royal couple poignantly displayed at their wedding.
His recent performances include tours with chart topping UK artist JP Cooper, and shows at the Royal Albert Hall with Josh Groban. His soulful vocals also feature in TV adverts for Tesco and The Great British Bake Off.


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