Tooth & Nail – A Taste For Vintage Soul And 90’s Grunge

You’ve got a Soul, let it all out, sound wild and loud

In late 2016, singer/guitarist Daniel Pearson (a prolific singer-songwriter with three quietly acclaimed albums behind him) teamed up with metal-loving drummer Mike Neilson.

Just like the well-known two piece band, The Black Keys, they create exciting rock songs with a fine taste for blues and vintage soul.

Together, they go by the name of Tooth & Nail, as their music consists in expressing all the passion and all the pain that sometimes feel like you’re pulling a tooth.

This explains the blend of old soul and blues with grunge rock and roll.

They’ve released their first of three 2017 single releases, Cryin For You.

The track has a sound similar to Nirvana and even modern Arctic Monkeys.

“I love a lot of old blues & soul records when you can really hear the pain and experience in the voices, and that’s what we were aiming for here – as well as laying down some big riffs and grungy fuzz.

That’s pretty much the mission statement of Tooth & Nailsoul songs played loud and heavy.”

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