Savannah Dumetz: When You Find Light In Your Darkness

“Self-love is the very first romance” Akua Naru

And then Émile  said these three words:

“Lights, camera, action”.

Up on this screen, Savannah Dumetz appears as a little arising star who found her shine,

Daringly  exposing her Body & Soul

Voluntarily revealing her vulnerability,

Staring at the darkest shades of her Heart

Where (Self) Love and Compassion are yet to grow (Pink)

Where Joy and Passion are yet to glow (Red).

This past February 23rd, 2016, 19-year-old London native Singer/Songwriter Savannah Dumetz has released the video of her debut single, titled ‘Naked’,

Originally unveiled earlier this month and has already been played on BBC Introducing London and BBC 1Xtra. “Naked” has over 10K plays on Soundcloud.

Through this single, one powerfully inspirational song,

Savannah lets ‘These Walls‘ talk, and sets up a conversation about something we’re all dealing with:

Insecurity, vulnerability, vices, dirt… all these things we tend to lock in a dark room 

Surrounded by unsteady walls of interior pink, easy to crumble under the crush of demolition.

Instead of accepting to drown in the negativity of a confuse mind

She strives to highlight the power of vulnerability and the necessity of breaking stereotypes to practice self-love

Which leads to spread the word of an empowering message of positivity.

This makes her the most empowering voice ever,

Not only for her soothing melody that comes out to blow your mind

But for the substance, the depth of her lyrics, and the meaning of her music;

A stripped-down music that suggests you to cut the layers of your heart and reach all the vulnerabilities of your Soul.

Directed by Émile and filmed in her home town, the music video aims to encourage people to embrace and express themselves.

 “I just wanted to show in this video that I can’t be defined by a single title and Naked comes from my heart, it’s not about what I wear or what I look like, it’s the way I choose to live my life! It’s the most beautiful and fulfilling feeling to feel free in your skin. » Savannah confides.

Savannah Dumetz is currently working on new material.

She will headline her first show in London on April 15th at The Social.




Marcus Gon

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