Ruth Royall: Burning Fire With A Flaming Line Up

The Great Doors of Jazz, Soul and RnB shall remain open, inviting you to explore the soothing kingdom of a heavenly singer

Sharing nothing but some warm Love from the bottom of a Crazy Heart. 

This singer, Ruth Royall, demonstrates how sensual her voice can seem to be in your ears, with lyrics sang in a way to make you drop a tear (like in Crazy Heart)

The look of this fair-haired Jazz and Soul singer, reflects the classy trends from the 50’s and 60’s, and does remind of a kind of Marilyn Monroe’s style.

Ruth Royall’s vintage style pays tribute to the Legends of the past, and everlasting, feeding her inspirations and influences with the flavours of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Corrine Bailey Rae, amongst others.

Love is (as you can appreciate on the Facebook video right above) one of her current tracks that she played as a heart-felt gift at her last gig, for Christmas. Thousands words could describe the world we’re getting into with these notes and beats

But the magic is so, Ruth’s music speaks by itself…

What is more, as if her work wasn’t warm enough, Ruth Royall is about to blaze the place and bless you

With some hot fire she’ll make out of a brand new track, titled Flame’ coming out on March 5th 2015, with a whole new line up of remarkable musicians.

A catchy track consisting in an exploding recipe, made of the spicy of the guitar played by Graeme Foy,

Joined by the groove and the funk of the bassist Bill Banwell (his music here), and supported by the fierce of the drummer Miguel Andrews (his music here).

Flame touches with its dynamic that pops and accompanies the voice of singer singing in this song as her heart beats like the kick-kick drums,

Beating like fireballs, with these back vocals that emphasize their detonations, due to the explosive vocal talent of the astonishing Davinia Vincent (her music here) and  Sian Cross.

Finally, Ruth Royall screams out her Soul music from these Great Doors of Jazz and Soul, in front of the  colourful decor and atmosphere that the appreciated singer and keyboardist Marie Batchelder (her music here) is implementing by hitting her black and white keys.

2015 sounds like a great year already, and Ruth Royall and her band will be banging with a first live at the Jazz Café Camden, on January 18th 2015.

With that being said, the most expected date will be February 5th; as she’ll start a residency at The Drury Club, working in partnership with Soundcheque who will be showcasing some of their talented artists at the night, in plus of Ruth Royall’s line up.


Thus, March 5th shall witness the launch of the single ‘Flame’ and the start of this anticipated residency, and the launch of her new website.

This sure promises “a big show” as confides Ruth Royall, plus she’s quite familiar to the place, as she’s already performed there, by a show run by the funky Fudges And The Frequency.

Enjoy now the fantastic world of this vintage and classy Jazz, Soul, Rnb and Funk singer: Ruth Royall!


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