Tendavillage’s debut EP takes us on a bubbly ride

Damn, Adam Driver
You so fi-fi-fi-fi-fine
Long dark hair, can I brush it for you?
I like my men tall, and you’re definitely that
Funny and fine, and aging like fine wine

« Adam Driver », by Tendavillage

Thinking outside the box is a great quality. It proves creativity and spontaneity. The four members of the Canadian band Tendavillage let their world come to life by releasing their debut EP on Friday August 28th.

This self-titled EP includes six tracks and mixes groove, jazz, R&B, neo-soul and funk. The first three songs (« Ralph Wiggum », « Maybe it’s you, not me » and « Adam Driver ») symbolize the quirky part of the EP, with some funny lyrics and catchy choruses.

« Ralph Wiggum » (an ode to the Simpsons’s character) and « Adam Driver » (another one, to this popular actor who especially portrayed Kylo Ren in Star Wars) are two songs who will certainly echo to 80’s and 90’s kids.

« Adam Driver » is one of these tracks you sing along behind your wheel. Even if « Maybe it’s you, not me » is about a past relationship, the laid-back beat gives a light tone to it.

I don’t wanna wait for happiness to happen ‘cuz you know it’s something you got to choose
But I don’t wanna judge nobody, everybody’s out here trying just to do what they can do

« Fullness », by Tendavillage

Heartbreak really hits with « No way no how », where some sad and serious subjects are approached: « Fell into a depression, asking myself way too many questions. » An introspection which leads to a will to move on in next track, entitled « Fullness ».

This debut EP switches between fun tracks and more sentimental ones, but it ends on a good note. Indeed, « Bubble Monkey » is a great tribute to the videogame Earthbound.

Tendavillage Mélanie Domergue
With this debut EP, Tendavillage presents a colorful world, sometimes joyful, sometimes sad.

Tendavillage is a young group of musicians formed by singer and keyboardist Kate Melvina, BarryMason (guitar), Carson Gant (drums) and Luis El Pana Tovar (percussion).

Kate Melvina is the one writing and producing the music. Then, she shares her projects and her ideas with her bandmates.

All together, they create melodies to bring Kate Melvina’s vision to life. They’re inspired by pop culture and characters from video games or TV. In fact, the group’s name comes from the videogame Earthbound.

This debut EP is basically about having fun, keep your smile up and your child’s soul. It’s also about trying your best to succeed and pursue your happiness, despite a painful past.

Mélanie Domergue

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