Greg Cox releases “All Alone” with A$H in new compelling video.

“You stay on my mind Don’t wanna be all alone. I’ll press rewind”_ A$H

In a true mix of pop and r&b, artist Greg Cox continues to impose his voice on the musical scene, this time with the release of the visuals for “All Alone” , featuring singer A$H.

As the video opens with a shot of Greg posing in a reflective manner in the middle of a studio photo as a background, we’re quickly pulled in by the lyrics dictated by his solo performance.

The camera then redistributes the storytelling between both singers, and A$h’s solo performance is slowly introduced through her smooth vocals. Although the two of them never interact in the same frame, they’re shown back to back in a similar background as they own their respective space with their own style.

A reminder to the song title: together, but always “All alone”. As the listener is slowly eased into the nostalgia expressed by the violins at the beginning , the upbeat of the song reminds him however that even though sadness is present, this is not a sad song.

Greg’s soulful words and falsetto combined with A$h’s warmth vocals are in perfect harmony as they wish they could “make this forever” in the second chorus. Finally, the perfect mix and timely use of bass, drums and violins to highlight the emotions conveyed by the lyrics at certain moments, are what truly makes the musical experience of “All Alone” special.

Acclaimed producer and songwriter, Greg Cox is a Grammy award winning vocalist from North Carolina, introduced to the public through Diddy’s tv show “Making the Band” on MTV. Since then, the singer performed with house name artists such as Kirk Franklin and released several projects: an album “ETC” in 2018, and collaborations with other artists such as Emily Sage or Shay, always staying true to his gospel, hip hop and r&b inspirations.

This time he does it again with singer A$H who much like Greg, has been making waves on the indie scene with a unique sound of POP/RNB.

As a background singer for stars like Janelle Monae, she decides to pursue music on her own. Following the release of The Perfect EP” and The Please Like Me projects, she opened on PJ Morton’s Gumbo tour in 2017.

You can listen to her most recent album “It’s just Art”, where she shares with the public her universe of silky vocals and eighties dance floor sounds that we quickly get addicted to.

In the meantime, let the soul of these two artists transport you through the nostalgia of a break up, and the possibility of a make up, “All Alone”.

Mélida Komla

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