“Beyond Beautiful”, Stelle Amor’s new single on the beauty of life

What a Wonderful world we’re living in…
But never forget that we have two lives,
The second one begins when we realize we only have one,
Confucius said.

This quote is a perfect connection to introduce you to the artist and her latest single we’re going to talk about.

Haven’t you heard of Stelle Amor yet? American singer from Nashville (Tennessee), who released an EP and a few amazing songs, including « Beyond Beautiful »? Go listen to it! We’re going to show how much it is a masterpiece.

The song in itself is really moving and powerful. Here’s the first lyric,

« I haven’t bought a pack in years ».

It means that she had history with drugs and alcohol before, as we can guessed it with her song Gateway Drug. She tells the hardness of getting over a really bad news and the only remedy she found is alcohol.

Also, « ya don’t need to see me crying ». For us, it means she doesn’t want her loved ones to see her in pain so she hides it away. It also can be related to the social media nowadays, where we show people what we want and not the actual truth, because it’s just not as pretty on the Instagram feed. Imperfect are we, but we don’t want to see that, living under society’s pressure to be perfect.

weird is wonderful

It should be the complete opposite. Her catch phrase is « Weird is wonderful », which is exactly what the world has to understand, and we found, at Sounds so Beautiful, that it’s just the perfect thing to say to our youth and even to everybody. You are wonderful and beautiful just the way you are and the world is a better place to live in because of your uniqueness, so thank you Stelle Amor for the heads-up.

Life can be taken and given so easily that we’re taking it for granted when we should not, and it’s perfectly pictured with her song, don’t you agree?

You, as a person, have to enjoy your life the best you can by falling in love, having your heart broken, fulfilling your dreams and inspirations, being sad, angry, tired, but also happy and you have to find your goal, because we all have only one life to live and this is beyond beautiful.

Beyond Beautiful” is about finding the silver lining and in these crazy days we all need it.

I challenge you today to turn off your screens for at least 5 minutes and go appreciate Mother Earth and her flowers and dirt.

It’s easy to feel divided during election time but let’s all remember where we came from and where we will all end up.

– says Stelle Amor

stelle amor beyond beautiful video

This gorgeous video is full of meaning too. The scene takes place in the countryside and in the forest, which is an appreciation of our Mother Earth, as she said it in her Instagram post (go follow her @stelleamor). Great way to bring awareness about the environmental issues of our planet, so it’s once more the perfect reminder we needed. As far as the places you’ll see in the music video are concerned, they’re all so soothing, just like the instrumental and her voice; sounds so peaceful.

It digs deeply into the emotions around processing death, the highs/lows of existence, and trying to “find the silver lining.”

The lone dancing girl we see, seems to express the pain and the sadness of Stelle Amor, due to the illness of her grandfather. On the other hand, the singer stands by herself too in this video, which implies that you can be prey to sad events in your life anytime before you know it. Therefore, tell your relatives you love them as long as you can, live your life the happiest way possible. We only live once, make this one beautiful.

Besides, this inspires us that being alone doesn’t necessarily means being lonely. We must practice on self-love, and appreciate our very own company, cause as Stelle Amor said it a couple times, love is infinite.

Finally, the sentence « this life is beyond beautiful » is about 2020. It has been a really tough year, with the global pandemic of coronavirus which is not over yet, the lockdown, the murders of Georges Floyd, Breonna Taylor and unfortunately so many more, the persecution of the Ouïghours community in China, and the future remains uncertain in such trouble times. This year has tested our boundaries more than ever, as human beings, and completely changed our lives (our buying habits, living with one another, self-awareness; what we want, who we are, who we want to be, how to make the world a better place for ourselves and the following generations).

This year has taugh us to fight even more for justice and equality, for « We are all born equal but we are not treated equally », said Logic, one of our favorite artists, and this year shows it even more.

To conclude this review, let’s say the world is becoming better than we imagined it and this, is beyond beautiful.

Camille Laval

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