Greyce Music

What is your aspiration, people?

“Work ethic” is Will Smith’s motto.

FCHW”, standing for Faith, Consistency, Hard Work is Spoken Reasons’ motto.

As for the young artist I’m about to introduce: she is “Married with hard work and dedication”.

This ‘young married’ intimate soul singer, is called Greyce, and her graceful voice singing with harmony over the notes of her piano sure was a great discover.

‘Oh my’ might be the two first words you would voice out of your breathless mouth, lost for words,

Feeling the first melodies sounding in your ears, “Travellin” to Greyce’s musical universe through the harmonious vibes of her work.

Besides, some would dare say her work is worth it, considering her successful solo EP ‘Acoustic Emotions’.

And, considering her forthcoming compilation, ‘The Piano Series’, some others can dare imagine how good and soulful sounds the first single ‘Dare To Dream’. Best-believe this sounds beautiful, I think you would agree.

Furthermore, the dream will come true with an official video release on Saturday 21st June, and an official release on iTunes on Wednesday 25thJune.

When you keep faith and work dedicatedly, you can ‘Dare To Dream’ indeed.

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