Kieron Boothe

From listening to ‘Good Kid Maad City’, to discovering a good guy in a Brit city.

Fellows, beloved fellows, let me introduce you to the 20-year-old Kieron Boothe’s world.

He, as well as artists just like Jay Prince, is a pride for the UK’s hip hop shining in the light of the underground Londoner music industry.

First reason to lend one ear: the instrumental is sweet as sugar food, soulful flavors.

Second reason to lend two ears: the lyricist young man is authentic, so if you belong to the Real People, no shape of a doubt, you’ll be fond of his songs.

Third reason to listen to him: the two first reasons are enough to listen and love it.

Check out his music! His EP ‘It Feels Like Yesterday’ sounds too beautiful not to listen to it everyday.

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