Katie Ferrara – The Beauty Of Taking Risks And Traveling

A thousand roads, two thousand risks
Traveling the world always gets you rich
New encounters on the West Coast
No matter the weather nor the cost
Whether you feel the best or the worst
Paving the way to success is priceless
Making carefree music, and feeling Weightless is worth it

Three years ago; we discovered Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Katie Ferrara, who started her music career as a street performer. Visionary, Katie Ferrara appears to be real Dream Catcher. Today she’s back with a brand new single, titled Weightless, written by herself and her friend June Caravel.

Released on Friday February 22nd, the track was recorded and engineered in Burbank, CA Music Production by Patrick Joseph. The video was directed by Bossart Films in Basel, Switzerland. It highlights the beautful soothing voice, carefree songwriting with uplifiting arrangements. Katie’s music is bright, feels right, and draws smiles on people’s faces.

Busking, or street performing, is a real art, a real way to perform, this is her favorite stage. As a business woman, Katie Ferrara managed to build her brand around the art of street music. As a traveling solo artist, she gained the trust of companies such as Mackie,  Voyage Air Guitars, and more.

Katie has traveled to several different countries to play at international street festivals including Scotland, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. She has even published a book about her experiences as a street musician called “Stories from the Street“.

The Weightless video does perfectly justice to her career.

During her travels, in particular her last Europen Busking Tour, she wrote  “Weightless”  and we’re delighted to have Katie sharing the back story behind the writing of Weightless. As she explains:

“This song is very special to me. I wrote it with my friend June in Italy last year while I was playing the Ferrara Buskers Festival.I was having a bad day and wondering what I was doing all by myself.

When I looked out the window from my hotel I saw the castle in the city center and had to remind myself how lucky I was to be seeing it. When I’m traveling, I feel like I can be myself and open up all parts of my personality that are not usually expressed.

That’s what this song is meant to do: inspire people to open themselves up to the possibility that they can fall in love and be happy. The music video was shot in the city of Chur, Switzerland and Braunschweig, Germany while I was playing at the two street festivals.”

Katie continues: “Busking” or street performing is a huge part of my career as a musician. This is how I started playing music and honing my craft. I wanted this video to capture the magic of random encounters with people, the beauty of taking risks and traveling.”

Like you can appreciate in our first interview, she’s always willing to share her story, to inspire, and to help understand what it means to choose the streets as your favorite stages, and how to be successful in this busking industry. Besides street performing doesn’t exclude performing on stages with a full band:

Katie is currently recording her first full-length album with singer/songwriter and producer Patrick Joseph called “Break Free”. This album is a coming of age record about growing up, letting go of love that has been unhealthy and being the the best person you can be. Stay tuned for it’s release in 2019.


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