Gareth Esson – Soulful Poet

It is quite amazing how the musicians network is kind of dynamic down there In London.

Proof is:

If you’re used to attending gigs around Shoreditch or Camden, either at Proud Camden, Jazz Cafe, Troy Bar… you’ll appreciate the same drummers, or speakers, or mainly, the same keyboardist, built up like a powerful colossal guy, playing powerful sweet and smooths melodies on his synthesizer.

Another proof is: the discovery of Gareth Esson.

This past Thursday, he was performing at Floripa London,

For a Jam-Tart Open-Mic-Night session,

With a one dressed-to-kill-pretty young lady, as a back vocal

And a poet and singer as a second back vocal.

That was, the second time ever he performed with a whole banging band.

Poetic and soulful, Gareth’s performance could have been perfect for a late radio show,

But already good enough for a the Jam Tart’s late showcase.

What is more, three little things were sparkling his originality:

The Soul Music that he sang was rocking and rolling,

Putting some Blues in it, and making it as warm and hot as some Rock’n’Roll music

Then, his crooner style is lovely dedicated to the sweetest ladies, as  his lyrical poetry goes on nostalgia and romance.

Last but not least: his personality makes it all; such a humble man.

His first album ‘Almost Something” may come soon.

Best-believe it is anticipated, big time!

Marcus Gon

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