Attic Empire – A Collective With A Unique Groove

Funk it! one of our favorite collective happens to be back at it again:

Attic Empire, their groove nobody can kill,

If they play live, your vibe nobody can kill neither,

Gifted with massive talents, everybody can tell how sick is the level of their skills.

It seems the band keeps improving in their songwriting, mastering ruptures and rhythm changes.

The introduction with the bass line gives a first taste to the addictive groovy flavor of the track

Before the whole horn section makes it explosive, along with the bet of the drums.

Got The Feelin’, new single by Attic Empire, Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Robert Conrad at Fiskit Studios in Burbank, CA, and Mastered by Louie Recinos,

Could not only be an anthem for the Groove, but also the right tribute to the 70’s Funk.

This collective is formed with young musicians

And they add their youth in this 70’s Funk, by fusing it with their fashionable modern indie rock influences, keeping it all soulful.

This new single is a gem, a hit as hot as this summer!

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