Joanna Teters – Boundless Creativity, New School Of Soul Music

Searching the truth through the blue of eyes So Easy To Love
Searching roots through the blur of Past Lives, 
Love searching by Midnight, riding Through the night
Riding to the lane where Memories Remain
Soul searching, praying “Oh Lord” when it rains,
Songwriting feels like a compilation of confession

Joanna Teters is a colorful bubble of creativity. She softly rises above, reaching new highs, taking the US by storm after having released two bodies of work in 2018, and one new single on 4th January 2019, titled Rootless.

Warmer When It Rains EP stood as her debut solo project. The lead singer of the band Mad Satta decides to spread her wings and fly for herself.

She’s one these new revelations of the year. Heavy weight charisma, Teters inhabit the stage with class and character. Her voice, mesmerizing, contains a blast of emotions, sings a moving and relatable story. Teters is a great storyteller; she’s having you riding with her, back to memory lane.

The musicians that surround her bring out a marvelous orchestration, delicate, precise and suggestive. The band uses the language of Soul and Blues and music, melting it with the code of new school music.

This is new school of Soul Music, colored with the sensual tints of Rhythm and Blues. Sexy tracks like So Easy To Love picture well this idea.

Joanna’s ability to create, as a songwriter, seems infinite. If her debut EP Warmer Than Rain sounds new school R&B, her sophomore EP titled Back To Brooklyn suggests a fine taste for old school Hip-Hop.

Back To Brooklyn EP feels like a whole another experience. Melancholic mood, stripped-down production, laid back drums, Jay Dilla type of groove (Sundaze), smooth electronic instrumentation, genuine vocals that sound like helpless calls for impossible love (Day One)…

This project released in June 2018 is a vibe, and shows how much hip-hop Joanna Teters can happen to be. The songstress has got flow and clean delivery.

Back in 2015, she’s been playing and knowing success with Mad Satta. Now 2018 has been her year.

Joanna Teters is carving a place for herself in the hearts and minds of today’s music lovers with original, forward-thinking, new-school soul. She serves her audiences with playful and energetic yet poised performances of both original compositions and covers.

After many formative years in the mountains of upstate New York, she then went on to pursue her degree at Berklee College of Music where she began to develop her craft. 

In 2019, she’s just released a new single, Rootless. With this record she’s expressing her love for live and raw music. She’s going back to the live recording, with heavy drums, powerful breathe of the brass and the Blues of the electric guitar.



Marcus Gon

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