Marie Dahlstrøm & Mawhs for Hans Island Project: Arctic Legend

Triple Scandinavian Soul Music Award 2014 winner Marie Dahlstrøm, from Denmark and the fantastic Canadian producer Mawhs collaborate.

Together, they elaborate a one-of-a-kind creative project, ‘Hans Island’, which “explores the melding of their two world and vast influences,

Bringing together two nations and styles into a metaphorical sonic space.” 

Using the metaphor of this uninhabited Greenlandic Island claimed by both Canada and Denmark, gives quite a picturesque and clever definition of this project.

Hans Island is an obvious genuine fusion of a Danish singer and a Canadian producer, and ‘Let Me Be’, taken from their forthcoming self-titled EPis the very first expression of this fusion.

Let it be said that this fusion is expected to be rich with this combination of two different artists:


Individually, the two have seen much success. Marie Dahlstrøm produces her own material, having released with success The Renditions EP in 2013

And has been supported by 1Xtra’s Trevor Nelson and featured as ‘MOBOs introducing’,

She made a great impression ever since her very first project:


As far as Mawhs (John Tweedie) is concerned, he has his original productions Petrichor and Retrospect’ featured on various of taste-maker blogs

Such as Earmilk, Hilly Dilly and Do Androids Dance, as well as his remix of Mr Carmack’s The Next Afternoon charting in the top 20 on Hype Machine, and it is worth it indeed, as this is some great production:

The collaboration of these two great inspirational artists might get too marvelous for words: their Let Me Be  EP for the Hans Island project is highly anticipated.

Until the release of the other tracks, Marie Dahlstrøm unveils the following:

“Hans Island has a sound all to its own, using a variety of different samples and percussion while keeping the synth tones relatively simple, rich and warm.

Let Hans Island pull you in with their emotional and medicinal melodies rather than big beats and pounding bass.”

Hans Island is a project  with that unique taste of originality, unveiling an inextinguishable desire of wanderlust,

Travelling on a ship of thoughts and emotions, drifting on waves smoothly towards the promised land of Hans Island,

A place to be alone with yourself and relax under soothing “medicinal melodies.


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