Jimmy & The Mustangs: Rolling The Road For Another Round

Bluesy rockabilly, jazzing voice, suggestive saxophone, and light back vocals…

Too many delicious flavors to describe how enchanting and delighting is the spicy recipe ‘Jimmy & The Mustangs”.

Jimmy and the Mustangs are an American roots rock band fronted by Jimmy Haddox.

Emerging from the Punk Scene in Southern California during the 80’s,

Jimmy and the Mustangs played their first live show to a sold out audience opening for the renowned all girl band, The Go-Go’s.

At the time, the band’s “root’s music” was fueled by fury driven; gut wrenching guitars, not unlike their punk contenders of that era.

As the band progressed, a more definitive sound began to evolve and

Jimmy and the Mustangs carved out a style of Rockabilly and Swing unlike any other band in Los Angeles at the time!

With explosive and frisky tunes such as Cherry Bomb, Jimmy and his band are about to roll again for a 10-track album titled ‘Another Round‘.

This is all the good old Rock and Roll some may have missed

This is that good music that rocks your world and makes you want to roll your hips on and on.

With that being, said, you might want to sit back and chill out, in a comfy bed of the Hotel San Jose.

Released this past January 10th, 2016, you can get yourself a ticket for Another Round on Itunes.



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