Up Up And Away With UPTAKE on the way

Summertime in France, more precisely in Lyon, always brings the heat waves of the weather and the hot vibes of the jazz performers.

Every summer, Lyon’s Opera entertains his audience with its open air jazz gigs, with its famous Peristyle.

Yesterday, Thursday July 24th, 4 young men gathered on stage,

Performing their own compositions, their own work, their own electric, smoothie, progressive, jazzy vibe.

The 4 jazz men were consisting in one frontman, melodic leader of the band, with the international jazz trombone awarded Robinson KHOURY‘s instrument;

Plus one prestigious drummer, Paul BERNE, studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels;

One terrific outstanding bassist Pierre GIBBE, whose one composition was specially dedicated to his bass skills;

And, last but not least, a major piece of this instrumental puzzle, Bastien Brison, working on the international scene, making it in New York, by the way.

Talking about smoothie and progressive atmosphere, 

The pianist and trombonist knew how to dive their audience into the relaxing effect of jazz, through the genius of their music sheet writing.

Either the charismatic presence of the trombone, either the creative harmonic motions from the pianist, were giving this feeling of travelling without moving.

The electric and sometimes rocky style were emphasized with the dynamic bassist and drummer.

If one track should be suggested for you to listen and testify the real taste of jazz: Sunlight In Linsoul.

If you wish experiment them in live, they are still performing in Lyon today and tomorrow,

Before taking the way to Italy and then Chamonix from this upcoming Sunday.

Everyone: UPTAKE 4tet


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