BK Andersen – Smoothness At Its Finest

For those in love with Daniel Caesar’s sensual nonchalance, for those amazed by Tom Misch’s genius simplicity, or for those blown by Jordan Rakei’s smoothness and creativity, there is someone new yet to be discovered and well respected who goes by the name of BK Andersen.

Danish artist, making waves in Berlin, he lately took the music industry by storm with his single Sweet MelodyMellow, soulful and delightful, BK Andersen genuinely offers neo-soul at its purest form. 

He’s just released a new video, featuring poetic single ‘Sinking Canoe’, which solemnly describes how the love between two people has evolved to the beginning of a breakup.

Along a very detailed narrative, genius storytelling, BK Andersen uses a ‘sinking canoe’ as a metaphor to describe the feeling of drowning and being unable to save the relationship.

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