PHLAKE – Scandinavian Soul Nominee Best Soul/RnB 2015 #5

Mainly made of men, the manly band Phlake came from Denmark

And makes our delight with their overwhelming grace and soulful vibes.

This manly band signed by Sony Music Denmark consists of Mads Bo and Jonathan Elkær,

Collaborating with Moses: “Andreas”(Andreas Odbjerg, Moses Fiella), and producer duo Carl Barsk and Frederick Carstens who work with Anya amongst others.


They are not to be mistaken with any random boys band

They are to be considered as a Rythm’N’Balls band… and it’s safe to say they’re quite consistent,

With material of quality such as ‘Pregnant’ and Like You.


Phlake is good music, providing such soothing and soulful vibes

They deserved to be nominated for Scandinavian Soul Music Awards 2016 Best Soul/RnB 2015


Let’s conclude this with one last song, released this past May 2015:

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