Caitlyn Scarlett – Walking Down Memory Lane

We tend to build everything based on trust.

But when ‘Trust’ is broken, everything we’ve built turn to ‘Rust’

Before old and golden memories die and rush to dust.

Rust‘ is the brand new track from Caitlyn Scarlett, 
Hopeless romantic singer songwriter who we’ve discovered last year with her single Bad Love

From her first project, Jurassic Jukebox, released 2 years ago.

With ‘Rust’, we can taste new flavors in her sounds as sweet as can be, though lyrics feel bittersweet,

And we can testify of her evolution, as a singer, with more maturity in her voice, more inner calm than 2 years ago.

About the song, Caitlyn says:

« Writing ‘Rust’ was therapy for me.

It’s about that very sad point that some relationships reach, where both people grow in a separate direction and things become beyond repair. Especially if there’s been a betrayal of trust.

I’m a hopeless romantic so when my first relationship ended, it shattered a lot of my idillic beliefs about love and how the story of my life was going to look.

I’ve spent so much time mentally pacing down memory lane, at times it’s felt like my address. »

Either, calm, either wild, she’ll remain in our mind, inside our head

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