SAINT CAVA – Scandinavian Soul Nominee Best Soul/RnB 2015 #6

Saint Cava are a Danish duo, signed to Forbandet Ungdom (Cursed Youth) and consists of producer Andreas Waze with singer Ericka Casier Ramos Lizardo.

Besides their gloom, mesmerizing and mysterious, yet highly soothing and chilling visual for Forget,

SAINT CAVA blessed 2015 with their project called BLISS and is to to remember among the Scandinavian Soul Best Soul RnB 2015


This 6 track experimental project is available on every digital platform:

Vocals transmitting on your frequency, SAINT CAVA is getting the vibe right

Inviting us to ride along an experimental journey, dive into a dark and grey universe,

They’ll sure seduce the whole public for their upcoming performance at Roskilde Festival

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