Summer Dennis, A Sound That Captures Power, Independence And Femininity

Rhymes is a songwriting and live performance engine, led by Bill Moore and Summer Dennis.

Their current songs capture and display power, independence and femininity.

This Washington DC-based project, Summer Dennis & Rhymes have released an impressive video, “Indelible,” from their new album, Second Summer.  

“Indelible” showcases a young woman who’s endured all the pressure of the music industry, to be heard and sell her music.

And this new material sounds like the beginning of a new season, a new bloom, an actual second Summer. The songstress takes pride of herself, and protects the core of her craft, with no more compromise, by releasing this body of work.

Rhymes music and performances have cross-over audience appeal and combine elements of rock, R&B,Latin, pop and reggae Rhymes music respects and incorporates the history of popular music. Itʼs relatable and can appeal to multiple audiences.

Summer Dennis & Rhymes bring a well-managed, knowledgeable and resourced act that excites audience with chemistry and cohesiveness, and intimacy that drives a dynamic and appealing type of sound.

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