Sam Setton – A Sound To Fix Your Feels

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The feels you get when you’re not together

The feels you get when she becomes a stranger

The feels you get when she acts unfamiliar

The feels you get when it’s over

Sam Setton‘s feeling  like a Stranger in the night, in the streets of New York, since his last love affair.

However, the end of a love affair pushed the young man beyond the limits of his creativity.

Indeed, with an inspired-state of mind, Sam Setton creates an experience truthfully representing of himself.

Kind of the likes of Jilian Banks, he’ll use his voice as his first instrument, before using all other electronic sounds and drums.

He’s molding his voice into different intonations and rhythms, and the result is a dreamy electro-pop sound.

His latest track, Stranger, was produced by Sainte and Lane Banning between Nashville and Brooklyn.

It follows up his inaugural, Berlin, which was featured on three Spotify playlists including Fresh Finds, Indietronic and Discover Weekly.

Both these singles are part of his upcoming debut EP, slated for an early 2017 release.

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