JJ Soulx: “To Grow Creatively And Spiritually” – Inspirational Interview

Meeting someone wise, inspirational, and as spiritual as creative, is actually a blessing.

JJ Soulx has been the jazzing blessing of this week.

Poet, soulful singer/songwriter, sharing her African heritage along her music.

Two months ago has dropped the video of ‘Back To The Basics’, a song that might be one of her most important ones.

The green of the grass,inspiring a great calm and peace of mind

The tree she’s sitting on, reminding of that Tree of Wisdom we sometimes seek as a shelter

The width of the landscape to reflect peace of an open mind

The smooth dances and the West African vibes, getting us back to the roots…

This track is all so poetic, and all so spiritual, blooming in your mind, like a new blossomy Springtime.

We had the privilege to interview JJ Soulx speaking on the meaning of this song and her artistry:

1) Can you tell what actually means this song to you?

It is very much reflective of a stage I went through in my life, but also my life on a whole.
It’s about stripping away everything , and starting fresh, from the basics.

This can be in all areas of life. At the time of making this song, it was not just my music but also the ability to be creativity, that I felt was being compromised.
I had to go back to the basics and I am still continuing that mission, to reconnect with myself.

Africa plays a big part in that, as Africa is the foundation

2) How would you describe your life since this new verse that represents ‘Back to Basics”?

It is challenging, my wanting to grow creatively and spiritually constantly challenges me.
But it has been easier to be me, easier to listen to my heart and intuition.
I have had time to work on myself. It’s all a process and I am enjoying it.

3) It will be almost a year now that you’ve decided to entirely fulfill your music passion, since November 2014. How would you describe the first year of this journey?

It has been a blessing and an eye opener.
It gave me an opportunity to learn so much more about myself, to reevaluate my perspective on life and creativity, also to get a taste of the industry.
I was also reminded of other passions I had, so the focus became a lot bigger than music.

4) This month is Black History Month. Would you plan to do anything for the occasion, regarding poetry? Regarding songwriting?

Not particularly but I have performed at a BHM Spoken Word event this month.
Black History is one of the things I enjoy, and something I’ve studied before and continue to do, however I rarely prepare pieces specifically for the month.

5) What shall be the next project after Back to the Basics?

I have a collection of my music to share and also new things to create, more than just music!

Thank you JJ Soulx!

You can listen and download her music here:

Let’s end this with this project with EMI where she recorded the crowd favorite “Looking Forward”.

Marcus Gon

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