Tom Moriarty – Writing A New Legend For Your Life

Riding on the roads from the shires to the shore

Fast enough to flee from a problem or to fly to a resolution

Until your feet lead you to undiscovered waters in an unfamiliar zone

Unsure to swim good into unknown waters or to stand still on the floor.

Sometimes all alone, sometimes with his loyal dog,

He’s walking, he’s thinking, he’s writing,

Looking at himself like ‘I’m a different man, now’

Looking at the world like ‘where do we go’:

Profound poet and songwriter, his name is Tom Moriarty.

Concerned about world events and society conditions, he’s a singer of our time.

His craft consists in pinpointing with sadness and anger the wrongs of this world, 

And thinking of a way to recover as the same time, breathing words of hope for tomorrow.

On February 10th 2017, Tom Moriarty will release his third album, The Shore,

A result of self-recovery, after a solitary journey into the wilds of southern France.

Indeed, written in the shadow of a life-changing accident,

The album was recorded in a tiny wood-vaulted stone church in a small hilltop town in France, in front of a live audience, in September.


Although his music could cover several layers and lectures, its recording with his voice and guitar only is actually quite stripped down, authentic and intimate.

As these are the sincere expression of his thoughts, this gets even raw.

His journey and craft, reminds of other songwriters such as Ash Radford, a man sculpted by his travels.


Tracks like The Promised, filmed in black and white are the perfect reflect of his artistry:

Tom Moriarty has this voice that recalls  Tom Waits;there’s a whole lifetime in his voice.

He’s a man who’s been walking on The Road for soul searching, and who’s standing in front of The Shore, at the dawn of something new, maybe something revolutionary.

To conclude, let’s note how active  and productive is Tom: on year, one release.

2015 was the year for his project The Road

2016 was the time to gather with Katey Brooks, another inspirational singer-songwriter, with such a distinctive voice. Together they gave tribute to Bob Dylan, with a cover album titled I Shall Be Released. More than a song, an hymn, sand by the greatest, such as The Band, Joe Cocker, Jeff Buckley and many more legends.

And 2017, time for The Shore.


Marcus Gon

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