Caitlyn Scarlett – Outstanding Definition Of A Unique Voice

She’s been booming on social media with tunes popping out her music box she likes to call “Jurassic Jukebox”

Caitlyn Scarlett, a charming 19 year old girl, leaves the positive impact of her unique style.

With her hat covering her hair long and dark like Pocahontas, she visually prints her own personality in your mind,

While her voice is whispering the perfect lyrics in the perfect tone in your ears.

Collaborating with  @ayo_beatz was clever enough to expose what really is her musical universe:

An electro-pop, universe light-years away from the basic teen market.

With artists of her kind, the music industry is progressing to a new dawn having brand new flowers blooming to the morning dew.

While waiting for the come up of these talented emerging artists, we smoke cigarettes in front of this sunset:

‘Bad Love’ and “Cigarette Sunset” are two tracks from the girl-with-the-hat’s EP, titled ‘Jurassic Jukebox and Other Drugs’ available right here.

No more words to tempt to describe the flawless of her vocals upon well-chosen production and music composition, as it translates the spirit inner lyrics.

Caitlyn Scarlett, you shall remember this name, at least her melodies flowing and sailing through the waves of your mind…


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Marcus Gon

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