Joshua Luke Smith – Because Your Life Matters, It Does.

“I wrote the poem as a personal challenge to myself

To remain present, intentional and aware of the beautiful, restored ruins I have the honour of being connected to,

Simply through the essence of being human.” Joshua Luke Smith

Joshua Luke Smith, a boy with some poems, 

The first time we discovered him rhyming, he was claiming a song to let us know how good it feels to find his own home, after a long trip where he almost lost himself.

Now, back on track, he wants his words to make room in lonesome hearts,

Telling them they’re not alone, telling them we share the same passion;

Call it human connection.

“We are Human”

Joshua is among these artists who empower the people in their audience lacking of self-esteem, comparing themselves to society standards, or even struggling with suicidal weaknesses,

With songs and poems suggesting them to love themselves, to accept themselves, and to just Be.

You had Love Yourz (J. Cole), I [Love Myself] (Kendrick Lamar), and now you have Becoming Human (Joshua Luke Smith).

The poem’s realism is heartbreaking, but it makes the way for you to break free.

Joshua explains why he wrote his poem:

“I wrote Becoming Human to connect with the heart of our human story.

In a driven culture based on success and stature, where is the space to become, to grow, to fall and then stand back up?

In reality we connect at our most vulnerable. We all break sometimes. We all arrived here naked.

We don’t talk about our weakness enough and that’s why I think so many of us feel lonely, isolated and disconnected.”

Joshua Luke Smith - Because Your Life Matters, It Does. 1

Even more than that, Joshua cared about stretching his hand and spreading his life-carrying words

To the people tired of running for Life and who’re about to give about before the Finish Line.

That’s why he  approached the charity Samaritans to raise awareness about suicide prevention, when you know suicide being the biggest killer of men under 50.

That’s also why his visual came out on this September 10th, #WorldSuicidePreventionDay.

“To love someone is to show to them their beauty, their worth and their importance.” – Jean Vainer

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