Sheena O. Murray comes back with soulful single “Waste Some time”

« Be water my friend » Bruce Lee

The famous Bruce Lee’s « Be water » saying is applicable to so many aspects of life. On an artistic plan, it can be equated to the rare ability of expressing yourself through different vehicles, in different forms. Those who show that capacity belong to a sought-after group.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, raised in Brooklyn and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and now based in Atlanta, Sheena O. Murray is cut from that cloth. Driven by the desire of self-expression, the reach of her artistry seems endless.

A fan of Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton, Sheena O. Murray kicked off her career with single « One », followed by her first EP « SomOne » (2016).

Sheena O. Murray’s single “ONE” off first EP “SomOne”

After a short creative break, she added to her repertoire with refined singles « Do For Love » (2018) and « Easy to leave me » (2019). Both singles highlighted the growing richness of her range. While «Do for love » is a beautiful soul ballad, « Easy to leave me » mixes R’n’B and reggae in an ingenuous manner.

Immersed in performance arts since high school, Sheena O. Murray starded an acting career, in parallel to her music career, landing roles in theater productions of « Dreamgirls » and « The Wiz ». This year, she is gearing up for more as an actress.

« Covid-19  put a hold on my intentions to do film work in Atlanta in 2020. I intend to bring that to fruition this year, safely. » Sheena O. Murray

A Vocalist, an actress, a writer and a poet, all of those artistic dimensions speak to Sheena’s will to express herself. Those dimensions are not to be taken separately, one of the greatest milestones in her acting career shows how much they are connected :

« One of my greatest milestones as an actress was the opportunity to play Rosa Parks in a touring production, as the star role. It was an incredible opportunity that grew me both vocally and theatrically. » Sheena O. Murray

As a vocalist, the greatest milestones happened just recently with her latest single « Waste Some Time » debuting on Amazon music charts.

A little more than a year after « Easy to leave me », « Waste of time » shows Sheena O. Murray’s growth. This time the Atlantabased artist puts her vocal signature on an uncluttered and soulful melody, that gives her all the space to shine. The intermingling takes us to a very warm place.

As the delicate mix inspires, the song’s magnetism stems from Sheena’s instinctive and relatable writing about a lover she would like to spend some time with.

« When I first heard the track, produced by Tron Lippett of Beatnomics, it felt soft and sensual, which is my default. I believe I was on a tour with a theater company at the time and on my off days, I would try to write. The first verse sort of came easily to me. I was thinking of leisure time and how I like to spend my days off; with someone, a lover. » Sheena O. Murray

The standards of our time are very performance-oriented, everything must done be fast and efficiently, mostly to the detriment of our own health.

In a beautiful way, Sheena O. Murray breaks with the norm of our frantic era. « Waste Some Time » is a soothing reminder that at times (all the time) we must be a friend to ourselves.

Alfred Dilou

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