Sabriel Finds Whimsy and “Love Again” With New Single

Oh no I’m in love again

Don’t know how I feel

But oh I can’t get enough

Sabriel, Love Again

If the discography of Sabriel is a whole other universe, then her latest single Love Again is a galaxy within it.

Released this month, Love Again envelops the listener in a shimmering sound that sparkles with psychedelic beats and deep synths. Like the artist’s other work, it is as much a sensory experience as a song, submersing you in color and light.

Sabriel (pronounced shä brē el) is a Las Vegas-based singer and songwriter. Her work is characterized by her striking, sweet voice and neo-soul influences.

No matter the song, from I Fell (velvety soft with jazzy undertones) to It’s Okay (darker and laced with an urgent percussive beat), Sabriel’s music is hypnotic.

“I’m inspired by the genius works of Stevie Wonder and the ethereal guidance of Erykah Badu… I don’t purposely go for a certain sound, but I would hope that I could give people the same yummy chills and emotional clarity that I get from my favorite artists.”


As for Love Again, its hushed beginning builds into a sort of disco fever dream that pulls the listener in with evocative vocals.

She paired Love Again with a self-made music video that is a vision of glitter. Kaleidoscopic, it is overlaid with flowers and geometric shapes and washed in a cool-toned color palette that complements the fun surrealism of the song. It is the perfect visual for the heavenly neo-soul world she has created.

Sabriel wrote, produced, and recorded her latest single entirely herself, using a makeshift closet studio in her bedroom. As an introvert, the solitude imposed by the pandemic gave her space to explore new ideas and flourish as an artist.

Love Again is a rather joyful departure from her moodier previous work.

“I was feeling sparkly and feminine and decided to embrace those feelings, rather than feel embarrassed by them because they didn’t feel like my usual somber self.”


While in the past she has tried to find a balance between masculinity and femininity, she’s come to find that embracing each side of the spectrum is more rewarding. Love Again is actually the result of a female-focused online course she took about healing relationships and being open to love while learning about oneself and building self-confidence.

The song is meant to narrate self-awareness at the beginning of a relationship. It begins on a questioning note, Sabriel singing: “I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing.” Carried on an out-of-body current of echoing beats and mesmerizing melody, the listener joins Sabriel in that feeling of falling into a new relationship.

“I’ve done a lot of self-work during the duration of the pandemic, with a huge focus on past and future relationships. I used to have a tendency to jump in quickly, ignoring any and all red flags. But moving forward, I refuse to lose myself in another person. So I’m carefully watching every step.”


And indeed, looking forward with a growth-oriented, self-assured mindset is the perfect way to end this year and begin a new one. As New Year’s Eve approaches with its parties of bubbly drinks, sequined dresses and sparklers, don’t hesitate to give her a listen— she would be a unique addition to any playlist.

Piper Anderson

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