“Tri”, A Song for The Indecisive Lover by SK & The Kings

You need two hands free to hold on to me
I won’t be one of three

SK & The Kings addresses the indecisive lover and reminds us how tough choices can affect a love relationship. It’s painful, even when we’re not the one making it. Love isn’t a long quiet river.

“Tri” is indeed about being involved with someone who aspires to something else, a different life, or another person. This track describes the situation according to the point of view of the one indirectly suffering from this indecision. Knowing what may happen and still having to wait for someone else to decide makes it even harder: 

“So sick of waiting (…) Will you know which way to go?”.

To protect your own heart of what’s to come, you might want to break it yourself by leaving.

Saying goodbye to the harmony

Jazz and neo-soul vibes make “Tri” a chill song with heartbreaking lyrics. At first, the music sounds like a daydream. However, the keyboard quickly brings something threatening in the back. Melodies intertwine, but they don’t match together. Something is off: a couple’s routine broke by something outside. Their sound isn’t the same anymore.

SK & The Kings already played this song in 2019.

The rest of the song takes us into a torment of unanswered questions. Will they find one someday? “So is it really that tough to choose? Either you win, or you lose (…) Cut me down, bring me to my knees.” The duplicity of the vocals brings even more confusion and doubt to the story.

This theme is relatable because anyone can experience it someday and especially when it comes to teenage love. Growing up involves making decisions. Having to choose a university may lead to a breakup. However, each life’s step can lead us to question ourselves on the right path to take. We all evolve with our ambitions and desires. Being honest with yourself is crucial to stop hurting anyone else.  

When music becomes a diary


SK is a London-based singer/songwriter. Born and raised in Luton Town, her love and passion for music come from her childhood. She still clearly remembers these nights on Tuesday when we used to go out to dinner with her parents. When they came back home, her father and SK always listened to his collection of old vinyl. She discovered various artists: Prince, Kate Tempest, Cleo Sol, Hiatus Kaiyote, Donny Hathaway, and Stevie Wonder. Her mother always encouraged her to sing.

Thanks to this artistic environment, she created a relaxing and timeless mix between jazz and neo-soul. Love is also a recurrent theme of her group’s discography. This consistency makes their songs even more relatable. It’s like a comforting zone where you can find advice or something that resonates with you. No matter what situation you’re facing in your love life. 

Mélanie Domergue

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