Asia Anastasia: Back With A Joyful  Album

Pretty young thing blessed with so many  talents,

She didn’t wait Springtime to bloom and spread the word of her colorful album

Which is a comfy vehicle carrying positivity, optimism and soothing vibes.

Asia Anastasia, producer, singer/songwriter, recording artist and playing the guitar, ukulele piano, bass, drums, and a little trumpet,

Is the emerging independent artist we’ve discovered 2 years ago already

Described as one fertile tree of creativity. whose music is her fruit she gives 

Dancing shall be the shape of her fruit

And beauty the essence of such a juicy fruit.

She conveys an overall message about self-love, finding your own (balance),


asia anastasia self love


“This is a song I wrote to serve the purpose of a mantra.

Anytime I feel fear, or anxiety over something new, or scary, I play this song in m9y head to remind me that life is too short to be scared.” – Asia Anastasia.

The positive mind is what’s most enjoyable in her music.

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