Floyd Miles Fights For Love And Awareness With OMNI

A love based on what’s essential and everlasting, with no attachement to anything material nor physical. This is what Floyd Miles is looking for through his new single, titled OMNI.

The crave here is for something valuable in all things and all places and all ways. Floyd brings a new perspective to embrace love and a whole human being, from his body (energy) to his soul (spirituality).

OMNI” is a song where Floyd’s career shifts to an evolving direction. Very different from all his other productions, the tempo of this beat is much faster.  Thus, he was able to show his range, flow and melody all in one song. 

3AM, the feature on the record, is an incredible artist that brings his own. Floyd and  3AM met on Instagram and discovered instant respect for each other’s craft.

“I like what 3AM brings to the game. His sound is unique and his energy is bright as an individual. As soon as I reached out to him, we began manifesting right away.

We were able to really unite our sounds together to create a dope project for our fans.” 

Floyd’s movement and vision are about making sure that in every song, he is conscious of what the record depicts and the energy that it magnetizes towards anybody coming up after him.

His music is all about being the energy you want to attract.

As light beings on this Earth, Floyd transcends his energy through his music. Getting back to fighting for love, awareness and abundance in relationships.

Marcus Gon

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