Stelle Amor’s New Single «SOS» Is A Wake Up Call

« What doesn’t kill you make you stronger », Kelly Clarkson sang in a magnificent song Stronger.

This is the perfect quote to introduce you again to an artist we adore at Sounds So Beautiful, Stelle Amor and her new single, SOS.  

She is from Nashville (Tennessee), she’s the life of the party and a performer you don’t want to see leaving the stage believe us.

Her style is a perfect mix between soul, jazz, alternative and blues, she is often compared to big artists such as Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. She is a mystical wizard, she captivates everyone who is listening to her music.

She released her debut EP in 2017, produced by her soulmate, Dr. Dave Yarema. Busy year for her, as she also released her second alternative EP  ; with her trip pop group, composed of multi Grammy winner producer Justin Merrill and also winning songwriter/producer Kris Bradley.

She knows the deal when it comes to surround herself with the best of the best. She made her TV debut in 2018, where she gained million views.

She is still residing in Nashville, where she keeps « serenading the world », according to her own words. We think it’s the perfect way to make true and authentic music, and adding this and her magical personality, we all agree to say that’s why she is so sucessful.

She spreads message of love and unity, and that you have to be yourself even if no one is understanding it because « weird is wonderful » as she often says it. With the odd and harsh year we went through, this is exactly what we need to hear.

weird is wonderful

We spoke about her magical personality earlier, let us describe it to you a little bit more.

Stelle Amor loves hiking, nature, taking the time to smell flowers, painting, dancing and also video editing and above all, songwriting.

Her life partner founded Electric Pony Sound Studios, where they create most of their videos and musical art. She also let her little rescued pitbull Luci Loo runs into the show sometimes, isn’t it so cute?

So we have a matching working combo, a personality which makes us jealous because it’s perfect, a natural talent to write songs and a voice which canno’t be stopped listening to. Is there anything missing?

Oh yes! Adding to all of this, we’re spoiling you today by announcing that Stelle Amor is releasing a brand new song, SOS, on December the 11th.

For this single, she teamed up with London legendary producer Ian Barter and Nashville top songwriting duet Deanna Walker and Rick Beresford. SOS is set to be her most truthful and epic record, and we are delighted to analyze it for you today.

SOS’ instrumental has a gospel sound added to her soul and jazz signature. Her cracky but catchy and warm voice goes well with it.

SOS is denouncing the dark consequences of having excess fun. « I got arrested in a church parking a lot », is a strong opening line. Associating a place of cult with alcohol is powerful and increase the message the song carries. We can guess she personnally experienced it, like she sang it in another gorgeous song Beyond Beautiful. She has had issues with alcohol and she has a lot of regrets about it.

Nonetheless, she sends a message of hope, she said she had a « wake up call », after « making quite a mess » and having her « body begging for a break ». She is « ready to confess », meaning she recognized she has been « living in excess » and she needs help and maybe went to see a therapist. She did it after having « hitting the wall ».

She encourages us to « keep holding on like you never let go » and finally learnt that « more is less ».

Stelle Amor wants to make us understand that it’s okay not to be okay, and it’s okay to call out for help. It will make you stronger after all.

Bad things will happen, but the most important is to learn from it, so you will not make the same mistake twice. Everything in life teach you something, good or bad, it’s the goal actually, and Stelle Amor brilliantly remind us that with SOS.

Camille Laval

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