“Swoonin” by Natalie Lauren will make you cuddle up with your crush!

Baby, we alright to crush
You can go ahead and blush now
Let the rain kiss your dust
Time will never rust
It was made for us

Valentine’s Day is over, but it’s never too late to express your feelings to your loved one. Tulsa-based singer/songwriter Natalie Lauren helps you do it with her new single “Swoonin” (out February 25th).

Dating our crush is like a goal all single people have, right? Well, Natalie Lauren is living the dream. She’s even comfortable enough with her vulnerability to let down her emotions on paper. “Swoonin” is about the whirlwind of feelings that exist between welcoming a new crush and embracing the presence of love again.

A care-free R&B/soul track

“Swoonin” beats remind us of a heartbeat going faster and faster, like when you’re next to that special person.

“Swoonin” is definitely about this honeymoon phase when you seem to be in sync with your loved one. “Love is on repeat”, Natalie Lauren claims, as this feeling is now the soundtrack of her life.

This fresh tune is hopeful. Natalie Lauren describes a reality in which her relationship progresses smoothly, as the line “Cruisin’ with you babe / Swoonin tonight” sounds like a mesmerizing melody.

Is there a difference between crushing and loving?

“Swoonin” is a strong term to describe how someone of something makes you feel. Swooning means fainting because of extreme emotion. Here, Natalie Lauren is overwhelmed with love, admiration, and adoration.

“A crush is a really intense infatuation with somebody,” according to clinical psychologist Crysta Derham. Crushing on someone is similar to loving them from afar, but usually, you don’t know much about them. However, you certainly want to! “You project all of these amazing ideals, your hopes and dreams for a perfect partner, onto this person,” explained Crysta Derham to our ABC colleagues.

Natalie Lauren Mélanie Domergue

Love in its true form can appear once you get to know them for real. That’s what happened to Natalie Lauren: “Share your dreams right here across my lap / Secret wonders all I save with me”, she sings in “Swoonin,” as you can hear the fond in her voice.

Crushing on someone can become a disappointment if you realize you completely idealized their persona. However, when the stars align, you might find your perfect match.

A multi-faceted artist

Natalie Lauren made her first steps in the music industry as a talented songwriter. She wrote chart-topping music for various artists, such as Tori Kelly, Iggy Azalea, Lecrae, and Chris Brown. Her creativity led her to create music for the TV show Insecure on HBO.

From 2019 to 2020, she released four singles on her own. Some appear on her first album, “Handle With Care” (2020). She gave us a new track (“Free Us”) in 2021. “Swoonin” could be the beginning of a new era.

When she’s not singing or writing lyrics, Natalie Lauren is artistic anyway. Painting and directive creation are two other areas she expresses her talent. She works her heart out to promote meaningful themes such as equality, justice, and radical self-love. She’s also the creative director for the country’s largest Juneteenth celebration in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the upcoming Beloved Benefit in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mélanie Domergue

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