Ajia – Making Moves To Be A Bright Spark In The Community

“What more can I say, I wouldn’t be here today, if the old school didn’t pave the way”. – Tupac, Old School

“I, I go for mines, I’ve got to shine”. – Kanye West, Good Life

“Visions is an EP that brings the old skool vibes back” – Ajia.

Under Old Kanye’s influences, London songstress Ajia is bringing back vibes from back in the days. Either in her debut single Flavours, or in Real Love, she’s quoting famous catchphrases from Hip Hop icon such as “I, I go for mines, I’ve got to shine“, by Kanye.

Real Love is a joyfu feel-good track, Ajia is spittin meaningful words along a keyboard voicing similar to a Jill’s Scott’s Goldenkind of vibe. Plus, the simple boom-bap drums offer enough space to be creative and let the singer’s voice fly and flow.

Along the smoothest harmonies and such a creative songwriting, Ajia’s will is also to convey a conscious message addressed to her comunity: Flavours talks about unity, indeed. From East London, to South London, people are not so different.

Conscious in a world increasingly defined by the brash and the crude. Ajia rises, ready to take the industry by storm, keeping it original, fresh and classy.


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  1. I am loving this.. wish the song was longer?

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