Emanuel Harrold – From The African Origins Of Jazz To Contemporary Hip Hop


On the only road where Tomorrow meets Past, the meeting of two generations,

One manages to Look Forward while cherishing his Dear Old Past, like a dear old friend,

Though ready for The Change.  

Each day in the process, grown in the journey, awakening is his True Need.

Eager for that Special Time to come, despite the many times Luv Hurt

One still believes in One Luv, and keeps marching forward, on and on.


Back to our interview discussing on the vision for Emanuel Harrold’s released EP:

SSB: what are you expecting with this forthcoming EP?

Emanuel Harrold: With this coming EP, I expect to share a piece of myself through song and build a platform to collaborate and create while building community.

I have been fortunate to have some of the baddest musicians on the planet playing on this current, yet-to-be-titled EP.

It’s a message of love and human nature that is familiar and that I want to express with an old-meets-new school musical approach.

Emanuel Harrold finally released this November 17th, 2017, titled Look Forward.

As he explained above, this is a beautiful old meets new school, a blend of jazz and hip hop.

Harrold allows a link between generations. Not only that, but he also connects his listeners to African History and Creole culture.

Look Forward is not only the title of an EP that connects the past of a Musical History to its Tomorrow, but it is also the track that link its musician to his Roots. Harrold suprised us with this afrobeat and its subtle coupé decalé dancing rhythm.

That way Look Forward is a masterpiece. It takes you from the African origians of Jazz to our contemporary Hip Hop music.

From songs like Special Time, to Luv Hurts to On & On (Working On Me), this EP is obviously highly introspective.

Harrold took the time to think, meditate and express his most valuable life experiences. This is the result of a personal journey, put out to inspire those who’ll listen to these stories.

This is also the fruit of a community working together, like one nation, under a groove…

If Jazz takes an important place in Harrold’s family, Africa never remains silent along their work. Emanuel’s brother, Keyon Harrold’s album The Mugician consists of a heavey African Spirit too in it. From The Mugician track itself, to Wayfairing Traveler.

Hip Hop is the new Jazz, and the new musical approach to convey (Black) History and a pure Humanist message.

Emanuel Harrold’s True Need pictures it and appears as the perfect way to conclude this meaningful EP.

Listen to Emanuel Harrold’s EP, feel every piece of it. Dear Old Past and Look Forward are among the most powerful tracks, and the smoothest, in this 7 track collection.

Follow Harrold’s journey along Gregory Porter‘s tribute to Nat King Cole:




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